Commercial Steam Cleaning You Can Rely On

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Anything surface or material.

Cleanliness of your business directly relates to satisfaction of the services you provide. Whether it is a restaurant kitchen, spa and massage parlor, or simply interior of your store front.

Improve outlook of your business and gain trust of your customers by keeping it spotless with our services.

Steam cleaning allows to eliminate odors, get deep into hard to reach places as well prevent spread of bacteria and contamination.

We will gladly perform these services for you or you can rent one of our commercial grade machines and do it yourself at your own pace. Specially for commercial customers, we have long term rental services. Please contact us for details and estimates.

Commercial Steam Cleaner Applications:

Clean doorways and salt stains – especially handy in winter when salt is everywhere, damaging the carpets and causing build up in the doorways.

Children and pet toy cleaning for daycare and pet hotels – eliminate spread of germs and bacteria from toys to kids and pets by steam cleaning your inventory as well as play areas. Shared objects are primary distributor of illness and infections, don’t let it spread, steam it. 100% chemical free.

Clean and sanitize common areas – ideal and easy to use solution to sanitize and disinfect common areas such as walk-in clinic reception and wait areas, gym and tools equipment, tables, desks, floors, wheelchairs and more.

Bathroom and shower cleaning – clean bathroom and showers are one of the main places that customers use to evaluate your business and level of service. Don’t let it ruin your rating – steam it. Whether it is gym shower, hotel room, air BNB, clean shower is a must have to fully satisfy even the most picky patrons.

Window and Mirror Cleaning – steam allows you to quickly and effortlessly wipe off all sorts of particles whether its organic or pollutant in nature.

Simply steam the glass with the tools provided and wipe clean. Chemical free. Save $100s, do it yourself.

AC intake grill cleaning – did you know that your air conditioner sucks in tons of dust, dirt and insects during summer and requires cleaning of the cooling grill to allow better air flow as well as to reduce time required to cool down the air which in return saves you money on power bill? Well, with our steamer you can perform this work yourself without hiring overpriced technician to do it for you. Here is how: take off the protective casing and steam through the grill.

Range and stove degreasing and cleaning – Steam allows you to melt and wipe off the grease from around around the range as well give that brand new look to your stove.

Commercial kitchen cleaning – clean kitchen = trust of your clients. Minimize chemical use and maximize cleaning results with use of pure water steam, eliminating odors, germs and bacteria. Degrease and disinfect cooking surfaces with ease.

Gum and graffiti removal – take care of your floors by safely and quickly removing gums from carpets and hard floors. Even in a rare event of graffiti appearance, we got you covered with our machines.

Why choose Steam-Bros for your cleaning needs:

The power and mobility of Dupray steam cleaners that we use makes them perfect for cleaning the interior, exterior and carpets of automobiles. Our steam cleaners reach some of the highest temperatures and pressures in the industry – up to 345°F / 175°C and 121 psi / 8 bar. 

All our Dupray steam cleaners come with a complete set of multiple accessories which allows you to steam every inch of your automobile but also completely detail and restore RVs, boats, buses, and motorcycles like never before! Steam cleaning is ideal for detailing, as it is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean.

Recommended equipment for commercial cleaning and detailing:

The Carmen Super Inox™ commercial steam cleaner on 220V is the perfect tool for interior and exterior car detailing. It produces steam temperatures up to 356°F / 180°C and comes fully equipped with a built-in wet/dry vacuum system to extract residue and detergent injection to dissolve even the most stubborn dirt and grease.

We will gladly perform the cleaning job for you at convenient for you time.

Please contact us to get a free estimate.