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Clean. Disinfect. Vacuum. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface or material.

Get a deeper clean with a commercial steam cleaner equiped with detergent injection and a built-in wet/dry vacuum. 

The Carmen Super Inox™ steam extractor is perfect for the most stubborn cleaning situations such as car detailing, gum removal, grout cleaning or kitchen degreasing. Featuring continuous refill technology, adjustable steam pressure and heavy-duty accessories, this professional steam cleaner makes the perfect business partner.

We provide only 220v model. Don’t worry, we also provide the necessary power adaptors for dryer/stove outlet connection.

The Carmen Super Inox™ steam cleaner comes packed with a 34-piece heavy-duty steam vacuum cleaning kit, complete with a full set of long-lasting detailing brushes.

Power meets versatility

Steam temperature up to 365°F / 180°C.

105psi / 7bar continuous pressure

Non-stop operation, ready for work in 10 min

Wet/Dry vacuum 117 CFM / 3.3 m3/min air flow with 1.5 gal. / 5.5 L capacity

Here is what you can do with it:

Clean your car.

Detail cars, clean leather and fabric seats, wheels, hard surfaces, engines, door jams, consoles and remove stains.

Clean grout lines.

Deep clean grouts lines and porous tiles to restore their shine.

Clean and degrease commercial kitchens.

Perfect for cleaning businesses and restaurant owners.

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How hard is it to use it?

It is not! Have a look at this instructions and demo video:

How much is it?

We are offering competitive packages for various time-frames. Standard rental fee includes the machine, along with all necessary nozzles and accessories. Please note, some of the accessories are not free and will be charged per use. Additionally, we will be charging a refundable deposit.

1 Day Rental

  • 220v machine with accessories

3 Day Rental

  • 220v machine with accessories
Best value

7 Day Rental

  • 220v machine with accessories
    Free delivery and pick-up across Northern Toronto

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