Dupray Carmen Super Inox 220v Accessories:

Detachable Steam hose

This 13' / 4 m steam vacuum hose detaches from your steam cleaner and offers steam pressure control, detergent injection and vacuum ON/OFF at your fingertips.

Steam lance

Ideal for cleaning applications requiring precision and intensity. It can be used with any small brush for increased scrubbing action.

Extension tubes (2)

These 20" / 51 cm tools are designed to extend your reach without losing steam pressure.

Rectangular Tool

Great on any floor or wall surfaces, from hardwood to porous ceramics. It can be used with the vacuum ON or with a microfiber cloth or bonnet to disinfect and pick up dirt as you go.

Bristle Upholstery Tool

Ideal tool for car detailing, furniture and carpet cleaning. 6"/ 15 cm wide.

Various rectangular tool inserts (3)

Three different inserts for the rectangular tool, to clean carpet, hard surfaces and any other types of flooring.

Gum Removal Tool

Dislodge and vacuum up to 700 pieces of chewing gum per hour with this quality accessory.

Gum Removal Brush

For heavy-duty work or chewing gum removal. Stainless steel and threaded to fit the steam vacuum gum tool.

Threaded Triangular Nylon Brush

For light-duty work or chewing gum removal on carpets. Threaded to fit the steam vacuum gum tool.

Window tool

Obtain streak-free windows and mirrors with this professional-grade window tool.

Suction nozzle and brush/squeegee insert

To be used with the suction lance for upholstery cleaning and car detailing.

Suction Lance

This upholstery lance is used for upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning.

Nylon brush

Ideal to steam clean larger surfaces.

Plunger tool

Unclog drains and remove smells with this useful kitchen or bathroom tool.


Remove adhesives, stickers, wallpapers, vinyls or any unwanted stubborn dirt easily with this plastic scrapper blade.

Brass brushes

For medium duty work requiring precise detail and the most popular option for grout cleaning.

Stainless steel brushes

For heavy-duty jobs requiring a strong, resistant brush and aggressive scrubbing action.

Nylon brushes

For a delicate yet deep detail cleaning without being abrasive to the surface.


Allows the floor and window tools to either connect to the extension tubes or the hose.

Powerful steamers with tools you need.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface or material.

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