Dupray Tosca Accessories:

Steam Hose

An essential for residential steam cleaning. 6'2" / 1.88 m total length.


The One™ Series Connector is a swivel tool with a locking mechanism that allows you to connect the accessories to the hose or the extension tubes.

Extension tubes (2)

These 19" / 48 cm tools are designed to extend your reach without losing steam pressure.


Ideal for cleaning applications requiring precision and intensity, the steam lance can be used with detailing brushes for deep scrubbing action.

Window Tool

Obtain streak-free windows and mirrors with this professional-grade window tool. 9"/23cm wide.

Triangular tool

Simply wrap a microfiber cloth or bonnet around it to insulate the steam and reach higher steam temperatures. The cloth will sanitize and pick up dirt as you clean.

Floor Tool

The basic accessory for cleaning large surfaces, the One™ Series floor tool connects to the extension tubes to clean floors, walls, and ceilings in one quick motion. 11" / 28cm wide.

Plunger tool

Unclog drains and remove smells with this useful kitchen or bathroom tool.

Refiling funnel

Refill without making a mess with this convenient funnel.

Brass brushes

For medium duty work requiring precise detail and the most popular option for grout cleaning.

Stainless steel brushes

For heavy-duty jobs requiring a strong, resistant brush and aggressive scrubbing action.

Nylon brushes

For a delicate yet deep detail cleaning without being abrasive to the surface.

Powerful steamers with tools you need.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface or material.

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