Commercial grade equipment a few clicks away.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface or material.

Cleaning has never been so easy

Steam temperature up to 316°F / 160°C.

Steam pressure up to 72.5psi / 5bar

10.5″ / 27cm Width, 13″ / 33cm Height, 16.5″ /42 cm Depth

Up to 90 minutes of continuous use.

4L Boiler Capacity

The Tosca™ steam cleaner was built to be powerful yet easy to use for all cleaning needs.

It is one of the only true commercial quality steam cleaner designed for both residential users and cleaning professionals.
At 26 lbs., the Tosca™ is light and portable, allowing you to use it to clean everything around the house. Built in Italy using only the best quality components from Germany and Italy, the Tosca™ is indestructible. Featuring the most recent steam cleaning technology, including the Accurate Digital Interface (ADI™), the Dupray Tosca™ brings commercial steam cleaning to your home or small business.

Environmentally friendly and amazingly efficient, the Tosca™ will definitely change the way you clean.

Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this commercial-grade steam cleaner features an enamel-coated steel casing for added durability. With steam pressures reaching up to 72.5 psi / 5 bar and temperatures up to 316°F / 160°C, the Tosca™ easily blasts through a wide range of cleaning tasks. Tackle car detailing and grout cleaning jobs, tile restoration, remove stubborn stains effortlessly. All you need is a little tap water to remove dirt and grime.


Ready for any task with 25 pieces tool set.

A commercial-grade steam cleaner calls for commercial quality accessories. The Tosca™ provides durable accessories and comes packed with a 25-piece cleaning kit. All accessories were engineered to be durable and to provide you with the right tool for every imagined steam cleaning job. The kit is completed by a full suite of detailing brushes – which can be replaced at the lowest replacement cost on the market.

Here is what you can do with it:

Clean car interiors.

Detail cars, clean leather and fabric seats, wheels, hard surfaces, engines, door jams, consoles and remove stains.

Clean grout lines.

Clean and disinfect hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, grout lines, carpets, porous stones, linoleum and more.

Clean & sanitize floors.

Perfect for cleaning businesses and restaurant owners.

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How hard is it to use it?

It is not! Have a look at this instructions and demo video:

How much is it?

We are offering competitive packages for various time-frames. Standard rental fee includes the machine, along with all necessary nozzles and accessories. Please note, some of the accessories are not free and will be charged per use. Additionally, we will be charging a refundable deposit.

1 Day Rental

$ 95
  • machine with accessories

3 Day Rental

$ 226
  • machine with accessories
Best value

7 Day Rental

$ 465
  • machine with accessories

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