Affordable “Handyman” services throughout GTA and surrounding areas

Our modern life just has a frantic rhythm, which is why we simply do not pay attention to various problems associated with the state of our home. We don’t want to do anything, because either there are no suitable tools, or we just want to take a break from a hard work week. In order to get rid of all the worries associated with house repairs and renovations, it is better to entrust this business to experienced handyman. The solution is our “Handyman” service is a one stop shop for a wide range of home maintenance and repair solutions.
There is no need to order a whole team of craftsmen. “Handyman” service is the most versatile service of our company. The master will come to you at a certain time with all the necessary tools. He will be able to do absolutely any job around the house: fix, install, replace. “Handyman” promptly performs work of any level of complexity including helping out with full house renovation. The work will be performed efficiently and professionally. In addition, our “Handyman” knows where to purchase building materials at the most favorable prices.

    Our “Handyman” will be ready to travel to any area within GTA.

    There are several important advantages of ordering the service of our "Handyman":

    • ready to do various jobs;
    • the task will be done quickly and efficiently;
    • always has the necessary tool;
    • the customer can go about his business or have a rest while the work is performed;
    • payment is made for specific work performed.
    • Jack of all trades

    The services performed by “Handyman” include but not limited to:

    Furniture assembling :

    Even if it looks easy, furniture assembly is a rather complicated process that requires participation of professionals. Therefore, it is not recommended to assemble furniture yourself without proper training and experience. Our “Handyman” is equipped with professional equipment and tools, has been trained and has knowledge of the technological features of the manufacture of furniture products of various furniture factories, the properties of materials and structures, the features of fittings, processing techniques, assembly sequence, etc.

    Crown molding and baseboard installation:

    We offer affordable baseboard and crown molding installation throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. You can count on us to install fine crown molding, wainscoting, trims, and much more.

    Wall shelves installation:

    Create more space and increase the style of any room by having shelves professionally mounted on the wall. By letting our “Handyman” do this for you, you can be confident knowing your shelves will be hung secure, straight, and safe.

    Sealing and waterproofing:

    Properly sealed and waterproofed bathroom, windows etc. is very important.
    First, it prevents leaks of air. In turn, this can help preserve indoor temperatures and humidity. Second, it prevents water from seeping indoors, preventing leaks, mildew, and mould.

    Interior doors and handles installation:

    Improper installation of doors will lead not only to bad appearance of the door, but also to a deterioration in its functionality. The door will sag, warp and over time, it will stop closing tightly at all.
    That is why for a high-quality installation of turnkey doors and handles, we recommend contacting our “Handyman” who will install doors of any complexity and size using the most modern materials and tools to ensure high quality installation.

    Assembly and kitchen installation:

    Assembly and installation of kitchen furniture is a delicate job that certainly requires special skills and experience. Our “Handyman” service offers assembly and installation service of any complexity kitchens, purchased from different manufacturers. All installation work is carried out by qualified experienced specialist, specialized in this area with extensive professional experience.


    We offer a complete interior demolition service that will safely and efficiently remove structural and non-structural building components with minimal disturbance to your home or work operations. Our expert uses only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a safe and efficient job site, and can dismantle interior areas that are either vacant or occupied without disruption. 

    Help in doing the renovation:

    You can use the services of our “Handyman” if you need help and assistance to perform repairs and renovations.

    Cost of “Handyman” service:

    The cost of the “Handyman” service depends on the volume of work, on the complexity, on the condition of the apartment or any other premises, the personal wishes of the customer, the deadline (if urgent, then it will be more expensive), the distance between the place of renovation and the company and how many times the handyman will have to travel to performance of work. Our “Handyman” is a professional who can be entrusted with any work, who will make sure that everything will be completed according to highest quality standards. Guarantee is provided for all work performed.

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