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Power meets versatility

Technical data:
Air flow – 54 l/s
Vacuum – 22 kPa
Spray volume – 1 l/min
Spray pressure/back pressure – 1 bar 
Fresh/dirty water tank – 10 / 9 l
Turbine capacity – 1250 W
Pump capacity – 40 W
Current type – 110 – 127 V
Weight – 10.7 kg
Dimensions – 690 × 325 × 440 mm (L × W × H)
Spray pressure – 14.5 PSI

Perfectly suitable for everyday use. With a powerful 12.5 PSI spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being cleaned and picked up immediately by the vacuum nozzle. Cleaned surfaces can be walked on almost right away as very little residual moisture remains. Carpets dry up to 63% faster than those cleaned with other comparable products.

Diverse use

Various accessories for diverse applications (e.g. crevice nozzle for cleaning car seats and upholstery).

Removable dirty water tank

The dirty water tank is easy to remove and can also be used for filling the fresh water tank.

How much is it?

We are offering competitive packages for various time-frames. Standard rental fee includes the machine, along with all necessary nozzles and accessories. Please note, some of the accessories are not free and will be charged per use. Additionally, we will be charging a refundable deposit.

1 Day Rental

$ 110
  • Machine with accessories

3 Day Rental

$ 264
  • Machine with accessories
Best value

7 Day Rental

$ 452
  • Machine with accessories

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